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Men's Health

Pelvic conditions are more commonly associated with women and childbearing. However, men deal with their own unique pelvic symptoms which are generally less understood and under-treated. Often, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction or nerve impingement in the pelvis leads to pain which can be effectively treated with physical therapy. Symptoms may include:

  • Electric shock-like pain, sharp/stabbing pain, or aching pain—often worse with sitting
  • Rectal pain or the feeling of sitting on a golf ball
  • Altered bowel function, particularly constipation
  • Altered urinary function including pain with urination, urinary hesitancy, frequency, or slow stream
  • Sexual dysfunction

In addition, men frequently experience urinary incontinence in association with surgery for prostate cancer. Physical therapy helps improve pelvic floor muscle function reducing incontinence associated with this condition as well as others.

Back to Basics employs the only physical therapists in the Roanoke Valley who are skilled in the treatment of male pelvic conditions.

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Men's Health


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