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7768 Williamson Road
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Back to Basics Therapy Gets
You Back To Your Life

Back to Basics Family Physical Therapy provides
a more personal touch – through interactive
therapeutic and educational services for a
diverse range of clients and needs – with a
special focus on women’s health.

Back to Basics Family Physical
Therapy emphasizes touch,
not tech

When you’re hurting or physically limited,
Back to Basics can help get you back to your
work, your activities, your interests – back to
what you need to do and want to do. Our holistic
approach provides the exact physical therapy
that’s right for you, with one-on-one care
throughout the process. Although we have all the
latest technology you’ll need, we don’t over-rely on machines. At Back to Basics, people provide most of
the therapy and all of the care.

We know that your body is more than flesh and bone. It’s an integral part of who you are. So we promote total healing and wellness – physical and emotional. Through our services, we provide a unique personal touch that makes the difference in helping you be yourself again.

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